Gateway Bible Church is a Bible based non-denominational church located in the St. Louis metro area. GBC teaches salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, prosperity, healing, and the Holy Spirit.

At GBC you can learn more about the Bible, explore your beliefs, and grow in your faith. You can experience a living, loving relationship with our father God. You will find answers in a caring a accepting atmosphere and make friends around learning the Word of God.


The Priests Speak    Priests Draw Near     The Priests Would Say

The New Testament clearly states that we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood.  In the Old Testament, the priest's office carried great authority, but this office was limited to a select few.  In the New Testament, the priesthood is a birthright with even greater authority.  Come learn about the tremendous authority that God has invested in us as His New Testament Priests.

The Foolishness of Preaching   The Foolishness of Preaching 2   The Foolishness of Preaching 3

The scripture declares," that it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe."  Why would God use something like preaching for this purpose?  Good preaching paints a picture of God's Love, Grace and Redemption.  Learn about the life changing effects that occur as you make time to sit under this thing called "preaching."

Righteousness and Life   Righteousness and Life 2   Righteousness and Life 3

What is Righteousness?  Can you ever be good enough to please God?  According to Rom 5:17, believers who understand and then live out of Righteousness begin the great journey of "reigning in life."  Learn how to receive and stay in "right standing" with God.

A Hearing Heart   A Hearing Heart 2   A Hearing Heart 3

With what do you believe God?  With your head?  With your spirit?  Or do you believe with your heart?  There are promises of "no fear, no dismay and no lack" that are given to a believer that continually sits at Jesus' feet and feeds on his living Word. Learn how the Holy Spirit can help you develop and live out this thing called a hearing heart.

 Put on the New Man   Put on the New Man 2

Of all the things that Jesus won for us, the New Man is among the most exciting and useful.  The Law of Moses was about demands and compliance.  Grace is about supply and overflow.  The New Man is your resource to live the Christian life.  If you're tired of serving the Lord in your own strength, find out about service out of your New Man.

 Sit Walk Stand   Sit Walk Stand 2   Sit Walk Stand 3

The book of Ephesians is an exciting "top down" view of the believer in the New Testament.  Sit is the place that Jesus has given you through the Cross.  Walk is applying what He has given you.  Stand is to hold on to what has been given you, not allowing the enemy to steal from you.  Ephesians gives us a beautiful panorama of the New Testament. By seeing God's heart, learn to boldly receive from God and overflow into the lives of others.

 Stir up the Gift   Stir up the Gift 2   Stir up the Gift 3

In a time of great trouble, one of the things Paul told Timothy was to "stir up the gift that was in him."  Wrong choices on your part do not make God's gift go away.  Learn to sit at Jesus feet, refocus your faith, and boldly go forward in your life.



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A Hearing Heart
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